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This collection of paintings offered for sale as prints and cards have been created using a method called ‘veil painting’. It is a method of using watercolour on a stretched paper, where the colours are painted in a weaving interplay of translucent washes; each layer dried before the next layer is applied. As the process unfolds many subtle nuances of colour start to enliven the whole surface of the paper, and appear to glow with an inner light. To paint in this way means putting away a pre-determined outcome and waiting to see what wants to arise out of the weaving together of the colours themselves. Coming into form then, is the end of the process, rather than the starting point. This approach to painting follows the process of creation itself, where the invisible new life gradually becomes manifest and unfolds its unique and exquisite beauty.

In the series called ‘Creation’ natural willow charcoal is used on pastel paper. The pictures aim to capture something of the spiritual background of colour, where light and darkness in their meeting with each other create the initial impulse for colours to arise.
[Click here] Sally Martin’s Statement about her Artwork.

Price List

All cards come in one size together with a plain envelope.

Regular 10.5cm x 15cm $4.50

For orders please contact Sally Martin [click here].

The prints come in 4 basic sizes. Dimensions vary slightly because of the originals having different dimensions. They are Giclée prints, which means they are printed with archival ink on artist quality paper.

Small 23.5cm x 32cm $45.00 | Medium 32cm x 39cm $55.00 | Large 39cm x 51cm $75.00 | Extra large 50cm x 60cm $95.00

For orders please contact Sally Martin [click here].

Cards - C, Prints - P

Please contact Sally Martin [click here].

Celtic Landscape - P

Cindarella - P

Council of Birds - PC

Concert - P

Mother & Child Dreaming - P

Rose Dreaming - P

Sunset Angel - P

Creation 3 - P

Creation 6 - P

Crystals - PC

Daffodils - P

Girl On Swing - P

Golden Mountain - P

Green Plant - PC

Landscape - PC

Lotus Flower - PC

Magenta Rose - PC

Magic Lemontree - PC

Meditation - PC

Michaelmas - PC

Mother & Child - PC

Looking Down - P

Red Flowers - P

Resting By The lake - P

Pegasus - PC

St Bride - P

St Michael - PC

The Dancers - P

The Journey - P

The Fish - P

Mountain Pass - P

Wild Rose - PC

Tintagel - PC

Flight - P

Golgotha - P

Sophia - P

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