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Painting Therapy

Therapeutic Art and Artistic Painting
According to the method of Liane Collot d’Herbois

All modules address 3 aspects:
• Training the artistic abilities of the student
• Training the individual student's development as a painting therapist
• Training the therapist/ client working relationship

Practical Exercises:
• Observation and drawing with lead pencils, charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels
• Light and darkness exercises with charcoal
• Painting on moist paper
• Veil painting

Colour Theory
• The birth of colour in relationship to light and darkness
• The spiritual background of light and darkness
• Colour in its outer and inner manifestation
• Colour in relationship to changes of consciousness through the ages
• Light, colour and darkness in relationship of thinking, feeling and willing
• The healing potential of working with colour
• Colour meditation

Self Development
• Inner path of self-development
• Biography work

Medical lectures include
• The 12 senses
• The 7 Life processes
• Embryology
• Heart, Liver; lungs and Kidneys
• Our body of liquids (the glands)
• The polarity between nerve and blood
• Body/soul inter-relationship
• The digestive system  and related illnesses
• The nervous system and related illnesses
• The heart and circulation, and related illnesses
• Mental Health
• Psychosomatic illnesses
• Addiction illnesses

Therapeutic work
• Client case studies
• Observation and diagnosis of pictures
• Client/therapist practise exercises
• Working together with doctors and therapists

Duration of course

• 3 years part time:
• 14 colour modules, grouped together into 6 week blocks twice a year

Independent work at home includes:
• Continuation of exercises begun on the course
• Further research on course content.
• Observation exercises and reading to prepare for each subsequent module.
• Essay writing
• Individual study
• Training in recommended specialist subjects

Entrance requirements:
• Practical experience in nursing; working with people with special needs; palliative care; eurythmy; teaching or other anthroposophic therapies
• Familiarity with, or an openness to learn more about the anthroposophic background
• Maturity - The minimum age is 28 years

Throughout the training there will be individual support, guidance and assessment.

For more information contact Sally Martin [click here]

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